Battle of Aiken

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We recently returned from Aiken, SC. One of the events we go to Aiken for is the Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Aiken. The war was essentially over, however; this was an important battle to the south. Sherman's forces had completed its march through Georgia and was turning their attention to South Carolina. Confederate soldiers engaged the Union army in Aiken and managed to score a minor victory, saving Aiken from destruction. 

The reenactment of the Battle of Aiken occurs the last full weekend of February. The venue is friendly to photographers. There are numerous period vendors as well as ample opportunity to see and experience a Civil War battle. People in period dress are more than accommodating. Many of the reenactors have a specific character they are representing and are eager to share their stories with you. 

To read about the history and significance of this battle click here

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