Sailing and Adventure


RoxseA is our dinghy, manufactured by Trinka.  We have towed this little boat all over the southeast. RoxseA helps us explore beaches we may not otherwise be able to get to.
We purchased RoxseA in January of 2004. The boat was in Chicago so we planned a trip. On our way from Atlanta to Chicago we needed to think of a name that would be in keeping with Rhapsody in seA. Dora thought of the Broadway musical and movie "Chicago". We came up with the name RoxseA, after Roxie Hart, a character in the musical.
To escape to your own private island turn the volume up on your computer, click play, and close your eyes. You will be treated to a few relaxing minutes on a beach. Waves gently roll ashore. Listen closely and you may hear an occasional bird in the background.