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Color Grading - Infinite Color Panel

This is part three of the four part series. In this segment we will tie everything we learned about Blend If and color theory together to color grade our images. We will look at some third-party tools and we will use a Photoshop action along with the Adobe Color Themes tool to see how we can color grade with existing Photoshop tools. This segment assumes you have your libraries palette setup and usable. If you don’t spend some time understanding Photoshop libraries. There are excellent tutorials on the Internet.

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Blend-If and Tools for Color Grading

This is part 2 of the four part series. In this segment we will look at how Blend If works. Before we can use Blend If and apply it to color grading, we should learn how it can be used for other applications. This will help us understand what is going on behind the scenes. Blend-If will be applied in the next segment as we learn a color grading process. We will also look at some useful tools for color grading as well as Adobe Color Themes.

Color Theory and Color Grading

This is the first of a four part tutorial using color theory and color grading to enhance our images. In the next tutorial we will examine tools available in Photoshop as well as some excellent tools developed for use with Photoshop. In the last segment we will bring our knowledge together to show how these tools all work together to enhance our images.

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