Wednesday, 20 January 2021 09:24

Unstad Chapel

We came across this small chapel and cemetery above the Arctic Circle in Haukland, Lofoten Islands, Norway. We arrived by bus in a small tour group. The wind was blowing in the 30 MPH range. It was February and bitter cold. No one wanted to get off the bus but we didn't come all that way to sit on a bus. At first only a couple of us got off and walked up the hill to Unstad Chapel. A couple who had tried to camp battled with their tent, struggling to stake it down. They eventually gave up and returned to their car. A few more got off the bus but only a small group walked up this hill where the chapel was.

Life is full of little lessons. We can sit on our bus and watch life go by, or we can get out in it and live every breath of it. The latter has always been my choice.

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