Zena is the granddaughter of Cannonade, winner of the 1974 Kentucky Derby. When Emma found Zena in July, 2016, she didn’t look like a thoroughbred race horse. Zena was underweight and malnourished with her hide just hanging on her bones. She looked and acted like she didn’t care anymore. She was scheduled for slaughter the following week.

Emma and her family rescued Zena and a year later she was a completely different horse. Emma loved, cared for, trained, and showed Zena. Dora and I were fortunate to share time with Zena, Emma, and Emma’s family. 
Sadly, Zena suffered a bad fall. A lot of people tried to help and save her, but on May 25th she left this world. Before she took her leave though, Zena left a gift. On May 22, just a few days before her own passing, Zena gave birth to a beautiful filly named Wicked.

This video presents some of the photographs we were able to capture of Zena and Emma, both beautiful and patient subjects. They cannot replace the real experience and companionship but they can always remind us to look back, remember, and treasure what gifts we have now. 


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