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"Follow your own path and let it lead you where your heart wants you to go."

Recently our path took us above the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. February might seem a curious time to travel to the Arctic, however; this time of year provides excellent photographic opportunity. The sun stays low on the horizon throughout the day, making for extended sunrises and sunsets. The low angle of the sun also makes for excellent light all day. Views of the Northern Lights this time of year are spectacular. The climate in Lofoten is influenced by the Gulf Stream and it stays warmer than one might expect. Properly dressed in layers and temperatures ranging from 28 to 38 degrees F it was an enjoyable trip. Weather changed constantly. It is the Arctic so be prepared for cold temperature, high winds, rain, snow, and ice. We experienced 40 mph plus winds from time-to-time. One day it might rain and the next snow. It all depended on a degree or two of temperature change. 

Traveling to Lofoten in itself was an experience, flying from Atlanta to Paris, Paris to Oslo, Oslo to Bodo, and Bodo to Leknes in the Lofoten Islands. Once in Leknes we used ground transportation to our lodging in Hamnoy.  You'll want to arrange transportation in advance. In Hamnoy we stayed at the Eliassen Rorbuer. This location is one of the more iconic locations and has been photographed many times. In our photo gallery you will find images of the Northern Lights. The red houses you see in those photos are actually hotel rooms. Our room was on the other side and not visible in the photos. The term rorbu is a simple fishing hut next to the ocean. Rorbuer is the plural form, meaning fishing houses by the sea. 

The food in the Lofoten Islands is amazing. Seafood is of course abundant, but other dishes and proteins are readily available. The krone is the local currency and we carried some with us. We had no trouble with credit cards anywhere we went. 

If you go take lots of photos. Take all the iconic photos you can but don't overlook the mini landscapes and photos off the beaten path. Folks at the airports are used to people with backpacks full of camera gear and tripods. It is a photographer's paradise

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