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Fly Fishing Pole and Wooden Box

Fly Fishing Pole and Wooden Box

Dora and I found this awesome fly fishing pole with box and flies at an antique store a few months ago. These were made in Japan after WWII and served to open up fly fishing to a lot of people. We considered this quite a find as they are few and far between, especially in the condition this one is in, complete with flies. We've had this for several months and finally got around to photographing it.

My brother used to have one of these when we lived in Mt. Shasta in the late 1950s. My dad also had a fly fishing pole he bought for a camping/fishing outing he had arranged for his boss and his kids. It was the only time I remember being on a fishing trip with him. I don't think he actually used the pole. In fact, I don't remember him leaving the camp. It soon found its way into a closet and I would take his pole and ride my bicycle to a place called Box Canyon. Getting there was easy. It was all downhill. Coming home was a different story. Sadly, that fishing hole is now a lake.

I also liked to fish along the McCloud River if I could ever catch a ride over there. I wasn't old enough to drive and it was too far for me to ride my bicycle.

The last year we lived in Mt. Shasta was 1965. That is also the last year I have really pursued fishing. The manager of the state fish hatchery had taken a liking to me and used to take me up in the mountains on weekends. We would visit mountain lakes and he knew where the fish had just been stocked. I was always sure to catch something for dinner.

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